About us

Dear Future Bernese Owner,

My name is István Halász, I’m the owner of the Beauty of Galagonya FCI Kennel. My family has been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs since 2010.

Our story began when we bought our first dog, Jack. We knew straight away that we had chosen the right breed because we realised that the Bernese was a truly family-friendly dog.

Our Dogs

Pets, Stud Dogs and Bitches

Meet our “tiny” family of pets, stud dogs and bitches. Pedigrees, health tests, characteristics and photos provide additional information about our dogs.

Our Puppies

One of our beautiful girls, the two-year-old Galagonya Szépe Crux gave birth to her first puppies at the end of October. She gave us a girl and two boys, who have already found their new caring owners, and live their happy lives in their new homes. If you also wish to be a proud owner of a lovely little Bernese Mountain Dog, we’ve got good news to you. The next litter is expected this autumn, which we can't wait either. 🙂 Until then, have a look at our previous puppies on the Earlier Litters page and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be among the first ones to know about the arrival of the new pups!

Earlier Litters

Since the foundation of our kennel we have had several litters of Bernese puppies. Once they leave us, we always keep in touch with them in their new homes.

It’s in our best interest to have our puppies in good hands even after leaving our home. We’re proud that we maintain a good relationship with their new owners, and we’re always glad to see our puppies finding a loving and caring new home.

Click on the gallery to see pictures of our earlier litters.

Litter D


Venyim Gyöngye Huygens x Galagonya Szépe Crux

Litter C


Mikes Úti Igor X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter B


Kappahegyi Follow Me X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter A


Lincoln Bernenskie Ranczo X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi


We’ve been participating in many local and international dog shows and championships where the dogs and bitches are being judged by their performance and appearance.
Our hard work has been recognised several times. We always take tons of pictures at these events, so we can share some of them with you. Have a look at them!




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Our Beautician

Anita Györfi

Our Vet

Dr. László Siver

Our Physiotherapist

Nikolett Kiss