Earlier Litters

Litter E

Kappahegyi Latin Lover – Macho x Galagonya Szépe Carpe Diem – Cleopátra

The Beauty of Galagonya Enzo Ferrari, Eddie Edwards, Escobar Pablo, Emily the Hurrican, Evita Peron, Elektra, Eufória, Eleonor, as well as Ecanus the 9 siblings. In a short 3-month period they all grew up, got strong and found new homes for themselves, where they live their playful day to day lives. This is already the 5th litter in the brief history of Galagonya Szépe Kennel, but while each doggy departing from us saddens us, it makes us happy and pleased at the same time. We often shed tears, as they are all soooo cute and it was lovely to spend some time with them while they filled the house with lots of happiness. Now the house will be all quiet, maybe we can catch up on some rest and sleep? 🙂 We are also glad, because we know that others can also share the magic these doggies bring into the world. All the best wishes to every little member of litter “E”.

Litter D

Venyim Gyöngye Huygens x Galagonya Szépe Crux

Crux is only two years old, she never had puppies before, this was her very first litter. You can imagine how excited we were, we couldn't wait for the two months to pass. Then finally, her three beautiful puppies were born, a girl and two boys. Of course, we thought one was prettier than the other. 🙂 We just couldn’t get enough of them and watched every step they took night and day. We took hundreds of pictures and videos. 😀 So we've got enough memories to look back now that they spend their days with their new owners. We wish them all a long and joyful life!

Litter C

Mikes Úti Igor X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter B

Kappahegyi Follow Me X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter A

Lincoln Bernenskie Ranczo X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi