Earlier Litters

Litter D

Venyim Gyöngye Huygens x Galagonya Szépe Crux

Crux is only two years old, she never had puppies before, this was her very first litter. You can imagine how excited we were, we couldn't wait for the two months to pass. Then finally, her three beautiful puppies were born, a girl and two boys. Of course, we thought one was prettier than the other. 🙂 We just couldn’t get enough of them and watched every step they took night and day. We took hundreds of pictures and videos. 😀 So we've got enough memories to look back now that they spend their days with their new owners. We wish them all a long and joyful life!

Litter C

Mikes Úti Igor X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter B

Kappahegyi Follow Me X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi

Litter A

Lincoln Bernenskie Ranczo X Mókusvölgyi Rüszi